A Dictionary of Psychology

A Dictionary of Psychology

A Dictionary of Psychology

Oxford Dictionary Of Psychology provides readers with definitions of terms used in psychology and psychiatry. Unlike most other books in...

  • ISBN: 9780199534067
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  • Author Andrew M. Colman
  • Publisher Oxford University Press
  • Binding Paperback
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Oxford Dictionary Of Psychology provides readers with definitions of terms used in psychology and psychiatry. Unlike most other books in this genre, Oxford has published a dictionary that also includes detailed factual information, and explanations for the benefit of its readers.

Oxford Dictionary Of Psychology has more than 11,000 terms, covering criminology, psychoanalysis, statistics, psychiatry, and neuroscience. Colman says that psychology is a serious and complex subject, and thus words related to it should not be oversimplified. This dictionary defines the terms in a way that readers are able to understand its meanings as well as grasp its significance.

Some of the topics covered in this book are sensation and perception, learning and skills, cognition, emotion and motivation, mental disorder, and language. A special feature of the dictionary is to give readers information about the originators or discoverers of salient words. To make understanding of the terms easier and clearer for readers, the entries are comprehensively cross-referenced. Additionally, more than eighty illustrations are placed throughout the Oxford Dictionary Of Psychology, in accompaniment with the text. Colman has added suggestions for practical demonstrations of interesting psychological phenomena that can be done at home. Some of them are the Cheshire Cat effect, phi movement, Purkinje shift, and Stroop effect.

The data in this dictionary is up-to-date, however, the Appendix has a list of web links that readers can access through the Oxford Dictionary of Psychology website in order to get the latest developments in the field. For easy reference, 800 commonly used symbols and abbreviations, as well as a list of phobias and phobic stimuli, are included in this book. Oxford Dictionary Of Psychology is the best in it’s field of study and, it is designed for students, instructors, and professionals of psychology. However, anyone who wishes to learn more about this subject or its branches, can also use this dictionary. The book is the recipient of the American Libraries Association’s 'Outstanding Reference Source' award, and was included in The Independent’s Top Ten Psychology Book Chart.

About Andrew M. Colman

Andrew M. Colman, born in 1944 in South Africa, is a British author and instructor of Psychology. He did his B.A and M.A in the subject from the University of Cape Town. He then completed his Ph.D in 1979 from Rhodes University. He is currently a Professor of Psychology at the University of Leicester, UK.

Colman has authored and co-authored books such as A crash course in SPSS for Windows, What is psychology?, Introducing Psychology, and Facts, Fallacies and Frauds in Psychology. He has also edited many books.

The author is presently researching on game theory, cooperative reasoning, judgment and decision making, evolution of cooperation, and experimental games. Colman speaks English, Afrikaans, Dutch, German, French, and Xhosa.

Author Andrew M. Colman
ISBN 9780199534067
Langauage English
Pages 896
Publisher Oxford University Press
Binding Paperback

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